About Us

The Studio

The studio is situated in Raheny, Dublin 5 and convinces with its cosy and friendly atmosphere. It consists of one live room and one control room alongside two vocal/amp booths. Shops and restaurants are within 10 minutes walking distance from the studio. Tuscany Soundz Studios is run by two professional musicians/producers who have plenty of gig and recording experience:
Andreas Nolan and Mathias Baumann.

The Recording, Editing And Mixing Process

When preparing a recording session we first of all listen to the natural sound of your band in order to being able to reflect this in the recordings and the final mix. We also pay great attention to micing and getting the best and most natural sound out of your instruments. We think it is very important to have a great sound during the recording session so that everybody feels comfortable. Therefore we can provide up to 6 individual headphone mixes for a maximum of 12 musicians at the same time.
Once the soundcheck is completed we will guide you through the recording process and let you know when takes or tracks need to be re-recorded or can be edited. Please keep in mind that recording to a click track makes the editing possibilities easier but may take away from the natural feel of the tunes. Additionally you need to be very comfortable to being able to record along with a click. Regular practicing with a metronome is essential.
If necessary, once a take has been recorded tracks will be edited straight away in order to guarantee a good work flow and efficiency during the recording session. After a quick pre-mix and possible overdubs and additional track recordings such as vocals and other instruments we continue with the next song.
Many people ask us about how many songs can be recorded within one day? This is a very difficult question to answer since it depends on the instrumentation, the style, the recording method, the level of musicianship, the purpose of the recording and many other factors. From experience, a five-piece band (dr/bs/guit/keys/vox) which is rehearsed very well with all the musicians being at a professional level it is possible to record three to six tunes within one day. The vocals would be recorded on a different day, as well as additional tracks. For a proper mix we will need a third day.
Generally, our mixing sessions always take place on a different day than the actual recording sessions as we think it is important to approach mixing with a fresh set of ears.
Although we are striving to safe you as much time as possible, our philosophy is always: Quality before speed.

Pre-Production And Producing

If needed, we can give you professional advice in how to arrange and develop your song ideas either during a recording session in our studio or in advance to a recording session in a high-end recording studio.


Mastering is an important aspect in producing a CD as it represents the final quality check before manufacturing. During this process we make sure that the overall feel of the band and music is represented, nothing is too loud or too quiet, too bright or too muddy. Additionally we take care of the levels and balance between the songs, as well as ensuring a high quality sound of the final master. CD text and ISRC codes will also be embedded in the final master, for which purpose we need you to provide us with the track and CD information.

Taking Your Music To The Next Level...

Tuscany Soundz Studios works together with graphic designer and cartoonist Patrick Lynch. He can help you with album artwork as well as poster and flyer designs, band logos and your personal webpage.
When it comes to manufacturing we work together with Artlane Music, an independent label which specialises in artist development. Artlane Music can help you to find the manufacturer that suits you best and can also provide basic services to get your music online for sale.

If you have any further questions don't hesitate to contact us...